The following Terms and Conditions apply to any business transactions you may have with John Schütte trading as John Schütte Associates (hereinafter referred to JSA).  Please read these carefully and kindly note that the employees and representatives of JSA are not allowed to vary or cancel these Terms and Conditions in any way whatsoever.

1.  JSA provide a range of services including seminars, home study material and individual mentoring.  More details can be found elsewhere on this website.

2.  John Schütte is neither a marketing nor a financial professional and the information provided by him is based on his own personal experience.  This may need to be adapted or modified by you before being applied to your own business or profession.

3.  The information provided by JSA is intended only to expand your knowledge and provide inspiration which might prove helpful to you.  Therefore JSA accepts no liability whatsoever for the information, advice and materials supplied to you.

4.  JSA present educational seminars.  When you apply to attend one of these events please remember that receipt by us of your application form and payment does not necessarily guarantee you a place on the course.  If a particular seminar is over-subscribed you may be offered a refund or an opportunity to attend on another occasion.

5.  In all circumstances JSA reserve the right to refuse admission in their absolute discretion and without any explanation or justification.

6.  Although it is usually not necessary, JSA reserve the right to cancel or postpone seminars or make such other changes as deemed necessary.

7.  If you are unable to attend a seminar for which you have paid please remember that we only give a refund if your cancellation has been communicated to us in writing more than seven days before the event.

8.  If you cancel within seven days or if you arrive late or have to leave early then there is no refund.  However we are happy to facilitate you by allowing you to attend the same seminar for free the next time it is being presented.

9.  In the event that you want to take up our offer to attend the next seminar free of charge it is important that you complete a new application for the replacement event so that we can reserve a place for you.  If you do not register then you cannot be guaranteed a place to repeat the course.  The “free repeat” offer only applies to the next available course after the one which you may have missed.  This offer is not transferrable and will not be extended.

10.  The seminar hand-out material and the seminar content are copyright of John Schütte.  This means that you may not record the presentations or make copies of any of the hand-out material.  Furthermore you may not publish or reproduce in whole or in part any of the information provided on the course without prior written consent from JSA.

11.  All of our seminars come with a full money-back guarantee.  Our presentations consist of a number of modules.  If for any reason whatsoever you are not totally happy with the seminar you are attending then you may leave after the first module and you will be given a full, no questions asked, refund.  To avail of this refund you must inform John Schütte personally or one of his representatives immediately after the first module ends and before the second module begins.

12.  If availing of this money back guarantee you may not take any of the course material with you and your refund will be sent to you in the post within 21 days.

13.  Please remember that JSA may record events which you attend and the copyright of same will vest in John Schütte.  This copyright may include your image and any contributions made by you during the seminar.  Such recordings may be used in the absolute discretion of JSA.  If you do not want your image to be used then please refrain from attending any of our live seminars.

14.  Our extensive home study material is a great alternative to attending our live presentations and it is also an invaluable way of revising course material.   The main disadvantage of the home study material is that you may lose out on an opportunity to take part in some exciting discussions and, for obvious reasons, our money back guarantee does not apply.

15.  As well as providing seminars and home study material John Schütte also provides a mentoring service.  Unless otherwise agreed, each mentoring session lasts two hours and takes place at our premises.  Payment is made by you in advance or, by agreement, on the day of the consultation.  If you wish to cancel or postpone a meeting you must do so either in writing or by email or text at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time as otherwise you will be charged in full for the session.

16.  In the event that we help you to develop brochures, newsletters or other information or educational products which you give or sell to your clients or to members of the public then it is a specific term of this agreement that you will credit our assistance in relation to these products by using the expression “Project Consultant – John Schütte”,  or such other acknowledgement as is agreed in writing.

17.  John Schütte lectures widely on Integrated Marketing® and also provides a consultancy service to many different people.  While his advice is tailored to meet the needs of individuals there is no guarantee that any advice given to you is exclusive.  Similar advice will probably be given to others.  Therefore, unless you have specifically agreed in writing the exclusive use of a particular idea then none should be implied.

18.  Whether attending a seminar, purchasing our home study material or availing of our individual mentoring, you agree to treat the information provided with the strictest confidentiality.  Furthermore you acknowledge that the material is for your education and inspiration only and agree that John Schütte accepts no liability whatsoever for the information, advice or material supplied.

19.  If you complete any questionnaire or survey in relation to any of the services which we provide then your response may be used by JSA as a testimonial. If you do not wish your comments to be used in this manner please let us know in advance of filling out any such forms.

20.  Our Terms and Conditions are frequently updated and your on-going business relationship with JSA is deemed to be acceptance by you of the most recent edition of our Terms and Conditions.

Revised 18th April, 2018.