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Home Study Programme

John Schütte’s Home Study Programme is made up of DVDs, CDs and manuals.  The information is presented so that you can start with the basic and gradually progress to the most sophisticated detailed material.

The Home Study Programme includes the following information products and should be studied in this sequence in order to gain the maximum benefit.

Time for Change (Audio CD - running time 45 mins.).  This is an important introductory audio-recording which explains how you can and should develop a positive mindset to help you optimise your marketing efforts.


Create your own Elevator Speech (Audio CD - running time 43 mins.).  This recording explains how to develop your core strategy and gives guidance as to how you can explain this to potential customers or clients.


Peanuts for Profit (Audio CD - running time 42 mins.).  This CD offers practical no-nonsense advice about tactics which you can implement immediately for a more profitable business.



Integrated Marketing – Beginner’s Course (2 DVDs – total running time 2 hrs. 30 mins.).  Taken from John’s live seminars, this DVD set provides a basic introduction to Integrated Marketing.  It comes with the original hand-out material so that you can take part in the interactive aspects of the presentation.




Integrated Marketing – Advanced Course (2 DVDs – total running time 2 hrs.).  The theme running through this live recording is money!  Topics covered include your marketing budget, how much to charge and the real value of a client.  Hand-out included.





Master Classes (6 DVDs in a box set – total running time 4 hrs. 40 mins.).  These six classes each provide an in-depth presentation on a specific marketing tactic.  These topics include:   free publicity, advertising, newsletters, writing a book, audio-products and the use of a “Welcome Pack”.  The individual hand-outs for each of the six presentations are conveniently bound into one manual for ease of reference.


Build a Better Website (2 DVDs – total running time 1 hr. 30 mins.).  Because a good website is so important John provided a special half day seminar on the topic.  Highlights include:  five easy ways to upgrade your existing website and three fatal errors you will want to avoid.  Hand-out included.




Manuals – (Set of 7 photocopied manuals).  If you require greater practical guidance on a specific marketing tactic then you will find it in John’s individual manuals.  The printed format allows far more examples to be shown than is possible in the Master Class DVDs mentioned above. You will also discover more useful precedents.  In addition to the six topics covered by the Master Class DVDs a seventh manual is included which covers the important topic of Headlines. You will learn how to create headlines which will lift your existing advertisements and also enhance your web pages.

Success Mapping (28 page booklet).  97% of us do not have a clear view of what we want to achieve in our life or in business.  Using the tactics outlined here you can change your life, achieve more and even feel happier.  And the good news is that the process will only take you about two hours to complete.  Success Mapping provides a powerful and comprehensive conclusion to this Home Study Programme.


The Hidden Power of Integrated Marketing (30 page booklet).  This concise explanation of Integrated Marketing makes a very good introduction for the whole topic.  So why keep it to the end?  The hard copy of the book is provided to you in the hope that you will use this as an introductory training manual for your team.  You can download further copies free of charge from if you need additional training material for your colleagues and employees.


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