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Interested in developing your marketing strategy? Could you benefit from some really practical advice?
Then here is a great opportunity for you to consult with John Schütte on a one-to-one basis and avail of his special money back guarantee.

John's consultations will help you re-position your firm in these challenging times and show you how to create a long-term plan for your career as well as your business.

And here's the best part! You can avail of John's mentoring service for an initial six hours on a unique money back basis. Put simply, provided you implement at least three of his ideas and allow twelve months for their benefit to kick in, he will refund all the first six hours mentoring fees if you do not increase your turnover by the amount you paid him. So, what have you go to lose?

So, what's the catch? Well, John's Mentoring Programme is only available to you if you have attended his Integrated Marketing® Seminar or purchased his Home Study Course. In other words you have to be familiar with all the basic concepts.

For more information phone our Office Manager, Fiona Doyle, on (01) 8720877

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