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John Schütte is the son of an Irish mother and German father. He grew up in England before returning to Ireland to complete his education at Belvedere College and University College Dublin.

John has worked in the legal profession for many years and served as a Council Member of the Law Society.  He was also the national representative for Ireland on the board of the Pan European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers.

He is also the author of four law books including “Insurance Law Made Simple” and “Personal Injuries & the Law”.

In 2008 John decided to retire from the day to day practise of law.  He now provides a mentoring service to lawyers and other professionals as well as giving lectures, seminars and workshops.

John has also published a number of information products including the booklet “The Hidden Power of Integrated Marketing” and the audio recording “Time for Change”.  You can download both of these for free on this website.

He also created and registered as a trademark a concept which he calls “Integrated Marketing®”.  This is a system for attracting and retaining quality clients and is intended for use by those in the professions and service industries.

When not working he enjoys music, theatre, scuba-diving and flying aircraft.  John is enthusiastic about foreign travel, has visited over 60 countries and sees himself as a “citizen of the world”.

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